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Douri is a non-profit organization, based in Luxembourg, with a sociocultural initiative that aims to investigate, experiment and promote intercultural exchange in the social mosaic of Luxembourg and Europe , a platform to connect and interconnect artists, researchers, social workers and activists in the astonishing social variety of the European community.
Throughout real and virtual spaces of artistic and sociocultural projects and activities, Douri wants to help with the integration of groups and individuals in their communities.
« Douri » in Arabic means the sparrow (der Spatz, le moineau) a breed of birds that has proven its ability to live and adapt all over the world.
Like sparrows Douri wants people to adapt and integrate, which means that members stand for individuals’ freedom of expression against all types of discrimination, inequality and violence (domestic, gender based, race based… etc).
Their mission includes raising awareness about emerging ecological and environmental issues in our modern world.
Luxembourg is a starting point to implement projects using communicative tools, like visual art, social theatre, music, performances, workshops, books, qualitative researches, conferences and many other tools, to erase social differences and spot on the essence of being human in a changing world.


conversation tables, artistic and creative workshops (weaving, hiphop, living history, a.s.o.)


Douri Asbl

20 , rue DICKSKOPP


Tel.: +352 661 158300