Arabic Association of Cultural Exchange

AACE is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political, and non-religious independent art and cultural organization, based and established in Luxembourg in February 2017.
As founding members of the Arabic Association for Cultural Exchange, we believe that this world has become too small for nations and cultures to live separately, but interconnected enough to create impactful cultural collaborations.

The history of humanity has witnessed periods of conflicts, and struggles for power and control, triggering confusing images by politics, and the media. Nevertheless, the golden moments of this history have always been generated by cooperation, understanding and intercultural exchange over the years….

In autumn 2016, a group of individuals well known from the national and international art scene came together in Luxembourg. They hailed from different professional backgrounds, and experiences, and joined together to share and appreciate art as a common and universal language. After several intensive meetings and discussions, the idea of creating The Association emerged. AACE became legally recognized in Luxembourg, in February 2017.

Through the Association, we wish to represent a model that diverse groups are able to communicate, work together and make meaningful decisions. We can show that diversity is not a weakness, but a reason for celebration, and a catalyst for unity and strength.

We want to prompt successful initiatives, based on acceptance and inclusion. The Association wishes to provide distinctive models, which demonstrate that multicultural coexistence within Europe is possible, conceivable, and even necessary for all parties.


Missions and goals

With the motto “Culture for Humanity”, it is the mission of AACE to facilitate peaceful integration, and acceptance through intra-cultural and artistic exchange. The Association aims to reinforce inclusion and harmony between the Arab world and Europe, through a number of ways:

  1. Bridging the gap between the Arab and European cultures through collaboration and exchange.
  2. Providing a space for the Arab community in Europe to reconnect with their cultural heritage, and backgrounds.
  3. Allowing the world to discover and experience the aesthetics and values of Arabic arts.
  4. Creating an international artistic platform in Luxembourg, the heart of Europe, that allows all artists to perform freely and without constraints.


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Arabic Association for Cultural Exchange

For English and Arabic
Nizar Al Rawi: نزار الراوي

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